I met the Harris family at a neighborhood park in Haleiwa for a sunset session. Their family has grown rapidly in the last year, from one boy to three! This session was to capture them settling in as a family of five with equal parts chaos and love.

Family of five with 3 boys standing in a grassy area smiling at the camera
mom smiling at the camera while holding infant son

Little boys bring a whole new level of activity to sessions so it's always important to me to allow them freedom to explore our session location. In this particular setting there was a row trees that I used to keep their oldest son engaged. When I noticed him losing interest, I would tell him to run around the tree and come up to mom and dad quietly and scare them. It worked like a charm.

Mom and dad and their 3 boys smiling at the camera during a sunset photo session at the park
infant child looking at the camera while being held over mom's shoulder
mom sitting on the ground with her 3 boys

This particular session moved quickly and the little ones maxed out at 30 minutes which is fantastic considering their ages.

mom smiling down on infant son she is holding
dad smiling at toddler son he is holding
big brother holding infant brother
toddler being held upside down by dad

One of my favorite ways to show calm in the chaos is by having parents sit or stand on one spot and telling the kiddos to run in circles around them. Kids think this is great! It brings out giggles and real smiles. I love the movement a bit of blur adds to the images.

mom and dad smiling at the camera while sitting on a blanket with two older children running circles around them